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The process of writing school papers consists from few steps. The first step is to select an interesting and useful topic for your work. You must select such topic which will be interesting not only for you, but also for your audience too. You can describe one of the most popular problem of modern society in your paper. In such case you will attract attention of modern youth. The second step is to think about the structure of your work. Every paper includes such parts as an introduction, main body and conclusion. These parts must be logically connected with the help of chosen topic. The third step is to pick up meaningful materials. You can use such sources of information as scientific articles and publications, reference books, encyclopedias, modern journals and so on. You need to use only checked materials in your papers. In this case you can avoid inexactitudes and misunderstandings. Writing school paper is the next step. In the introduction you must demonstrate an aim and tasks of your work. You must demonstrate the actuality of chosen topic. You must raise reader's interest to your work. They must want to read your paper to the end. The main body of your paper is the biggest part of work which can include several paragraphs in the essay or chapters in the term paper. You need to describe various points of view in your paper. You must use interesting facts and ideas for support these opinions. Of course, you need to show your own opinion in accordance with the topic. You can support it with the help of meaningful examples. In conclusion you must demonstrate basic ideas of your work and sum up used materials in short form. You should avoid spelling and grammar errors, slang expressions and repetitions in your paper.

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